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AUTHOR Di Morrissey Launches Burmese Education Foundation

AUTHOR DI MORRISSEY … known as an activist, environmentalist and always keen to foster ties between Asia and Australia through her novels, has announced she has registered a charitable education foundation to educate children in Myanmar (Burma).

“The Golden Land Education Foundation will work with an advisory board, including Janelle Saffin, MP and Burmese and Australian education and philanthropic specialists,” said Ms Morrissey. 

“I have been deeply touched and inspired by the suffering of the Burmese people and the inspiration of Aung San Suu Kyi. While in Myanmar I have seen the efforts of so many, the monks in particular, to do as much as they can with so little, therefore I have decided that in addition to raising awareness of the story of Burma though a popular fiction novel, to help in a more tangible sense. So I have been involved in funding a small village school which is attached to a monastery in Sagaing near Mandalay. But what started out as a small project, with the children’s parents digging with their hands to help clear the land has grown into a bigger, more ambitious effort thanks to the interest, generosity and kindness of Australians who feel an affinity for Burma.

“The response from the public who want to help has been so wonderful that I felt a charitable foundation is the best way to involve them. Especially as the Australian Government has made Education Aid a priority.

“I look at the abundance and opportunities my grandchildren have, and  I’d like to see  all the children of Burma be the catalyst for progress.

“So I’m hoping that as well as making practical and financial donations, Australians, from students, backpackers, retirees, will become involved in voluntary projects, like offering their skills to teach or to build.”

The aims of the foundation include constructing schools, providing materials and books, training and supporting Myanmar teachers, and to provide grants for Myanmar children to later facilitate education at secondary institutions in Australia and other countries.

Ms Morrissey’s Foundation comes on the heels of the Governments release of the white paper Australia in the Asian Century.

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